The relationship between pot and life insurance premiums

Here is a link to the most authoritative guidance I’ve seen regarding how life insurance companies view marijuana usage.  LLIS article

Note:  Do not call LLIS directly for life insurance.  They serve fee-only advisors and their clients, not the general public.  Through fee-only advisors, LLIS offers coverage from many high quality insurers without unnecessarily high charges.
Contact us at Alpha Financial if you have any questions.

LLIS graphic

Here are some key takeaways:

As legalization becomes more widespread, insurers are refining how they view consumption.

Insurers consider frequency and quantity of marijuana consumed.  Users can be classified by “heavy”, “frequent”, “seldom” similar to tobacco consumption.  Using a vaporizer might lower premiums.

Occasional use will not disqualify an applicant from “preferred rate class” premiums.

Lying on the application could result in refusal of coverage from any insurer, if the blood test comes back positive for usage.

Use a fee-only advisor who can work with to find the life, disability, and long term care insurance that meets your unique needs.

Alpha Financial Management is a fee-only financial planning practice with offices in Alpharetta and Savannah Georgia.

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