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We have a business address in South Carolina now.

Alpha Financial Management is the only fee-only financial advisor registered in South Carolina that has office hours in the Bluffton, Beaufort and Hilton Head area.

We’re fiduciary in all we do. We are comprehensive financial planners with the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ designation. We are a Registered Investment Adviser with registrations in two states.

Our clients find value in the tax planning we perform as part of our investment advice. We work well with CPAs who are familiar with multi-state returns that include South Carolina.

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“The Energy of Money” — Maria Nemeth, Ph.D

energy of money

Some notes on this book.

I started reading it to see if it matched my belief that money has an energy of its own and finds a way to “work” no matter where it is. Even when it’s buried in your back yard it finds a way into your life, acting as security for your other endeavors.

The book did not match my belief exactly, but it contains some good thoughts on money behavior.

Note 1.

Here’s a quote in the book. “Your experience of an abundant life is the sum of your authentic choices minus the sum of your driven behavior.”

In other words:
Abundance = your authentic actions MINUS your driven behaviors.

Authentic actions bring fulfillment. Driven behaviors are those that do not fulfill your life’s intentions.

How do you recognize driven behaviors? 3 clues

– repetition
– limited satisfaction
– perfectionism as avoidance


Note 2.

Interesting diagram here.

metaphysical reality

Financial advisors have a broad variety of descriptions of their purpose.  “elevate clients’ financial game” or “give clients peace of mind” or “make wise money decisions”.

This diagram might show another purpose: Help clients translate general ideas and intentions into realistic goals.


I’ll add to these notes as I continue reading. These notes are as much for me as for you. If you need more answers, get the book or reach out to me if you think I’m missing a point.

Michael Dayoub, CFP® for Alpha Financial Management, a fee-only financial planner with offices in Savannah and Atlanta. 

The relationship between pot and life insurance premiums

Here is a link to the most authoritative guidance I’ve seen regarding how life insurance companies view marijuana usage.  LLIS article

Note:  Do not call LLIS directly for life insurance.  They serve fee-only advisors and their clients, not the general public.  Through fee-only advisors, LLIS offers coverage from many high quality insurers without unnecessarily high charges.
Contact us at Alpha Financial if you have any questions.

LLIS graphic

Here are some key takeaways:

As legalization becomes more widespread, insurers are refining how they view consumption.

Insurers consider frequency and quantity of marijuana consumed.  Users can be classified by “heavy”, “frequent”, “seldom” similar to tobacco consumption.  Using a vaporizer might lower premiums.

Occasional use will not disqualify an applicant from “preferred rate class” premiums.

Lying on the application could result in refusal of coverage from any insurer, if the blood test comes back positive for usage.

Use a fee-only advisor who can work with to find the life, disability, and long term care insurance that meets your unique needs.

Alpha Financial Management is a fee-only financial planning practice with offices in Alpharetta and Savannah Georgia.

Buffett bets on S&P 500, wins $1M wager against hedge fund manager

In case you missed it, in 2017 Warren Buffett won $1 Million for an Omaha charity last year after a hedge fund manager conceded defeat in a 10 year bet.

In 2008 Buffett claimed the S&P 500 would beat any basket of hedge funds the hedge fund manager could construct, over a 10 year period.

It wasn’t even close.  Despite the 2008 crash, the S&P 500 averaged 7.1% compounded annually vs. the hedge fund return of 2.2%.


buffet guitar

This story supports my claim hedge funds do much better for hedge fund managers than they do for hedge fund investors.

If you want to know what does outperform the S&P 500, give me a call.

Alpha Financial Management acts as a fiduciary and provides fee-only investment advice with offices in Savannah and Alpharetta, Georgia

Hedge Funds underperformed again in 2017

Average Hedge Fund return in 2017?  6.5%   (link)

The S&P 500 returned 21.8%.   (link)

Once again, the guessers lost.


You’d have been much better off simply investing in the broader market.

You’d be better off not guessing market ups and downs and not guessing which market sector will be hot.  Call us if you would like a more sensible approach to investing.

Alpha Financial Management acts as a fiduciary and provides fee-only investment advice with offices in Savannah and Alpharetta, Georgia

Expense ratios: why they matter

Why expense ratios are important

As your financial advisor, we at Alpha focus on what we can control  We don’t control markets, but we can control expense ratio.  We pride ourselves on portfolios with expense ratios averaging below 0.25%.

This article from Dr. Craig L Israelsen demonstrates why expense ratios matter.


If a retiree starts with a $1 Million portfolio, reducing portfolio expense ratio from 2% to 1% permits retirees to earn and spend an extra $500,000 over a 20 year retirement..

Bring your portfolio into Alpha Financial for an analysis.  We will show you what your expense ratios are. That’s one of the advantages of using a fee-only advisor.  No hidden fees.

Alpha Financial Management acts as a fiduciary and provides fee-only investment advice with offices in Savannah and Alpharetta, Georgia

Charitable Donations: Dec 31, 2017 is a Sunday

Before you go on Christmas vacation this year, remember Dec 31 falls on a Sunday. This means any charitable donations must be postmarked or processed by Dec 30 to be deductible on your 2017 taxes.donation memified

As the tax reform legislation shapes up, you’ll soon know whether you will get an itemized deduction for charitable contributions next year. It might make sense to make next year’s donations this year. Some donors may end up donating large amounts one year and none for a few years, just to maximize their tax deductions.

Other donors are setting up Donor Advised Funds so they get the deduction in a single year and can pace out the donations to charities over multiple years.

Call us if questions about tax planning.

Michael Dayoub, CFP® for Alpha Financial Management, a fee-only financial planner with offices in Savannah and Atlanta. Alpha includes tax planning and charitable giving as part of its comprehensive financial planning services. 

Huricane Irma tax relief


If you had storm damage from Hurricane Irma you may be eligible for tax relief. IRS link

Individuals may deduct personal property losses that are not covered by insurance or other reimbursements. For details, see Form 4684 and its instructions.

You also would be eligible for the time to file returns, pay taxes, and perform other time sensitive acts.

We at Alpha Financial are doing year end tax planning for all our clients and want to make sure you get this deduction and relief if eligible.

We don’t do tax returns. We work with your preparer or your CPA to do tax planning.  Call us if we can do tax planning for you.

Michael Dayoub, CFP® for Alpha Financial Management, a fee-only advisor with offices in Savannah and Atlanta. Alpha includes tax planning and estate planning as part of its comprehensive financial planning services. 

Tax planning we’re doing for our clients right now at end of 2017

Speculation continues regarding tax code changes Congress is now considering.

Regardless of the outcome, there’s still plenty of tax planning work for us to do at Alpha Financial.


• Whether to take any IRA distributions this year to roll over into a Roth since our client has earned income this year in semi-retirement.

• When to start Social Security retirement benefits. After RMD’s start at age 70, our client will be pushed into a higher tax bracket. That means we might take some distributions before age 70, and our tax rate on those distributions will be lower if we wait until age 70 to begin Social Security retirement benefits. Taxes, life expectancy, risk, and expected investment return are all part of the Social Security decision.

• Whether to take some gains on a taxable stock portfolio this year in order to pay down a mortgage. The science of it is calculating the gains. The art of it is to determine how much of the home equity to consider as part of the “bond” part of our client’s asset allocation. Paying down the mortgage does provide a bond return (the after-tax mortgage rate is higher than bond rates right now).

• Whether to surrender a poorly performing annuity the client already had. There are some gains in the annuity. The client will be filing SINGLE next year, so we would pay more gains next year. The client also has quite a bit of other gains pending in rental properties, so we want to schedule the gains over multiple years.

• How much expense to incur in 2017 vs. 2018 for businesses that may have an opportunity to pay a lower tax rate next year if the “pass through” S-Corporation tax rate is lowered.

• Adjustments to W-4 withholding through the end of the year so we reduce our expected refund. We don’t want our clients to have large refunds delayed by any possible identity theft fiasco the IRS or Equifax hasn’t warned us about yet.

Much depends on the tax changes for next year. We’re guessing most of the proposed tax code changes won’t be enacted, but want to at least consider the effect of each change in case it passes.

Let us know if we can work through some of these scenarios for you or your tax projections.

Alpha Financial Management, with offices in Alpharetta and Savannah, Georgia, is a comprehensive wealth management firm which works in concert with tax and estate attorneys to optimize wealth transfer and income tax strategies.